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About Nancy
Nancy Lewellen has over forty years’ experience in the real estate industry, having been a commercial and residential real estate lender with 3 major California banks, and a California-licensed real estate attorney, mortgage broker, and real estate broker. She has owned, managed and negotiated the financing of large and small apartment buildings and single family homes, both on her own, and in partnership with others during much of that time.
Nancy’s experience as both a landlord and tenant has allowed her to understand the practical as well as the legal implications of both positions, which serves her real estate and law clients with an understanding few other brokers can match. Her knowledge of bay area real estate laws and rent control ordinances provide guidance to her clients, and helps sellers strategize their position to buy out and/or relocate tenants, thus maximizing their sales price, or to minimize their purchase price, if they are buyers. From negotiating a sale and purchase, to contacting contractors, landscapers, and leasing agents, Nancy gives clients a sense of cost to turn fixer-uppers into wonderful homes or apartments, and has assisted numerous clients, from first time home buyers to seasoned real estate professionals.
Excellent client service and attention to detail is the key to her success in real estate and in law, and she invites you to ask her advice on your real estate matters, and give her the privilege of representing you in your residential, multifamily or commercial real estate transaction.
Nancy Lewellen, MBA, JD, Realtor, Broker, Mortgage Broker
CA Bureau of Real Estate License No. 1629420


About Adriana
With 32 years of expertise in the customer service industry, I am passionate about helping people. I want my clients to feel completely satisfied and to know they can trust me with their most precious asset, their home.
Whether selling or buying, I orchestrate and enjoy all facets of real estate business. I share a positive personal rapport with my clients, encouraging, educating and focusing on their customized needs and desires. Every transaction has its challenges; my goal is to assure and advocate with a professional and fair demeanor. Strategic analysis, problem solving and negotiation skills are strong aspects in my work ethic. Initiating, leading and ensuring a smooth transaction for all parties in open communications with my clients, agents, lenders, title company personnel, and inspectors is the hallmark of my customer service.
From the ground up in researching to find your desired home and presenting a strongly crafted offer or listing your home full of precious memories for a successful sale, I will take special care of all the details of the transaction and your transition. Under pressure, I strive to get it done while the champagne is chilling!
I believe in surrounding myself with successful, honest, hard-working people who care about superior customer service. My team network and resources provide competitive level marketing, staging and technology. Life is given to appreciate, to know and to embrace the true meaning of gratitude, to learn to live, enjoy and work in harmony with others.
Adriana Sottile
Realtor, CA Bureau of Real Estate License No. 1961965

Adriana handled my daughter’s real estate transaction in the most personal and professional manner. We both knew it was a very hectic time for her and Adriana’s style of handling her was amazing. She is very happy in her new home and feels as though she has a new friend, as well. With me being in So. Cal, Adriana made it very easy on me and I knew my daughter was in great hands. Adriana’s continued follow up and communication was second to none. I can’t thank her enough and she has earned our real estate business forever.


Rob Bushman